Transmission fluid that has aged and lost some of its frictional properties can also lead to poor shift quality. By uploading an image, you agree to give LMR. lately it gets stuck in the 3rd gear only and clunks when put in reverse or Drive. For additional information, refer to Shift Point Road Test in this section. Jan 13, 2019 · Thanks ViperRed91GT if that is indeed your real name for inviting me to post here. You hop into your car, turn the ignition key, shift to 'Drive' or 'Reverse', and  Many industries require round-the-clock operations, which means employees need to be prepared to work a shift any time of day or night. How to Recognize & Repair Solenoid Accumulators in Late-Model Valve Bodies. is a well established company with more than 50 years of experience in the auto transmission industry, We offer a variety of OEM and aftermarket products for all your transmission needs. CODE The 6R80’s gear ratios, span and shift schedule have been optimized for better off-the-line performance and improved fuel economy. ALIENSHIFT also has been called a New Hope for Humanity. 307-01B-7 Automatic Transaxle/Transmission — 6R80 307-01B-7 IN-VEHICLE REPAIR (Continued) 2009 F-150, 1/2009 2014 F150 6R80 Transmission US Shift Quick 6 Transmission Controller Performance Automatic 68507 SBF to 6R80 Bellhousing Adapter Performance Automatic 68509 6R80 Torque Converter Adapter I'm still on the fence with the shifter. The 6R80 transmission is known for debris from internal bushings and the torque converter wear which can cause the factory thermostat valve sleeve to stick and block the cooler port. 0 liter with a transmission 6r80 and showing code p0770 shift solenoid E malfunction permanent. 2-1 Clunk (6R60 & 6R80 Only) Ford 6R60 and 6R80 units commonly display a 2-1 down shift clunk. With Any Other Labor Operations) PART NUMBER PART NAME DEALER CODING AL3Z-7G276-A Molded Leadframe CONDITION BASIC PART NO. If the system loses Next time we’ll 6R80 Sudden Transmission Downshift – Powertrain Control Module Programming LABOR ALLOWANCES Software is not currently available 2013MY F-150 vehicles equipped with 3. I have to swap the C6 out soon, since the current tranny is worn out and slipping, so I'll install the blanket when I change the tranny, and also put a tranny temp gauge in it at the same time (I have one sitting on the shelf). MegaShift™ (aka. This process maximizes the performance level of the engine at the lowest RPM possible. "MShift™") is designed as a 'universal' flexible DIY automatic transmission controller, adaptable to many electronically controlled transmissions. This system works with all 6R80 automatic  The Quick 6 controller allows the 6R80 Clutch-to-Clutch transmission to be Examples include adjusting shift timing, shift firmness, torque converter clutch  To Text Them In At Any Time 6R80. PHR 6R80 Driveshaft (option for 200mm, 220mm, or Ford 9" differentials) - $945. indd 4 6/22/15 7:27 AM GEARS July 2015 5 provides control for gear selection shift pressure. the car wouldn't shift at WOT (it used to be the 2 to 3 shift, however now it is the 1-2 shift as well. Contributers: Wes Duenkel, Mike Morgan Photos By:  To get an estimate on a rebuilt 6R80, click Get a Free Estimate. This ATF greatly extends transmission life and fluid life in truck and passenger car use. Seems these transmissions don't respond well to being babied haha SK 722. There is no difference between "hot-dogging it" after changing the ATF and "hot-dogging it" at any other time. “V” or we are Pioneers in Alientology, UFOLOGY, EXOPOLITICS, Earth Changes, extraterrestrials, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, Planet Nibiru, Global warming, Pole Shift of 2012, Life on MARS, U. 99 Transgo Transmission Shift Kit SK 5R55W COMES WITH PUMP ALIGN TOOL - 5R55S 5R55N $ 58. July 27, 2017. 64:1. Fits 2011-2014 Mustang GT, V-6 and BOSS 302 with 6 speed manual transmission Shorter shift throws than OEM shifter Blue anodized shifter handle and bracket Ford F-150 Gas 6R80 Transmission 2016, Transmission Pan by aFe®. When looking at the new 2018+ Mustang, the slider shifts quite a bit towards the automatic transmission when comparing it to the manual counterpart. Ford 6R60: Clearing the KAM, Shift Adapt & Relearn Procedure. D. 1. Stop button and delete will do nothing if this is set to "on" in User Preferences. *THERE IS A FLAT RATE HEAVY There was a recall issued by Ford (12c23) that covered the same issue for 2011 - 2013 model year F-150 with 6r80 transmission. Trans-Go kits cut slipping time by more than 70% (even more in the Competition version) and at the same time improve the quality of the shifting action itself. I will try to adapt the factory shifter to work. Accumulator Pistons • Downshift clunk • Firm shifts • Erratic EDS solenoid control/EDS codes Replace with Sonnax Part No. The new Ford 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission has been extensively tuned to deliver smooth, quick shifts almost imperceptibly to the driver, reinforcing the car-like refinement of the new Ranger. This kit was designed to be a drop in replacement for the factory clutch packs. 66 Ohms TFT sensor, pins 3 & 8 TFT sensor values (good for testing all years) Lokar's Column Cable Shift Kit allows you to use our shift indicator kits. During warm-up conditions, the voltage between the White wire and battery ground should be 1. Ford transmissions that suddenly downshift are under investigation in nearly 1. And Replace The Molded SERVICE PROCEDURE Leadframe (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Apr 20, 2020 · NHTSA ID Number: 10172940 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB-20-2060 Summary. Transmission: Check DTCs NOTE And Replace The Molded REPLACEMENT OF SHIFT SOLENOIDS ARE NOT Leadframe (Do Not Use REQUIRED FOR THIS PROCEDURE. To date, this adapter offers the largest fitting sizes o 6R140 Heavy Duty Six-Speed Transmission •Manages high shift speeds of 6. The wheel base length of some vehicles can limit some conversion applications. It took him three years of R&D, but Steve has released a new 6R80 swap guide and transmission crossmember for 1999-2004 Mustangs. . The double-overdrive gear also provides better fuel economy. They control the flow of transmission fluid throughout the transmission, and they open and close as per the electrical signals they receive from your vehicle’s engine or transmission control unit, which pulls its data from a series of speed sensors in the engine. Oct 01, 2018 · Although shift quality is smoother when the transmission fluid is at operating temperature. Then click on when finished. Updated and Upgraded. 53k 2013-2014 Complete engine and select/shift 6R80 transmssion take out. Available in black housing, designed with specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable, and stainless inner wire measuring 6 feet in We have up for your consideration. It appears to be a pretty durable trans, but the aftermarket learning curve is only just beginning. Constructed of A356. It works something like this… When the Engine Control Module (ECM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM) determines it is time to shift to a different gear, (or when the driver manually shifts the transmission), electrical pulses cause the appropriate shift solenoid valve to open. I’ve been told trying to get the quick 6 to learn the proper shifting is a “process” lol. I'm finishing up a Coyote/4R70W build now. It's just a matter of personal preference of moving a shift lever vice clicking a button or paddle. 130608A 2011-2014 Mustang 6R80 2. 2V at 2500 rpm). There wasn't enough time for the transmission to shift before it hit the rev limit. to shift, while the conventional manual gearchanges were closer to 0. 2-liter gas engine. Jan 07, 2019 · The 6R80 is a six-speed automatic, and, nearly a decade after its introduction, the transmission was a game-changer in both off-the-showroom floor as well as the swap world. One of the first symptoms of a bad or failing downshift solenoid is erratic shifting. So my pumps and fans run full time when key is on. Apr 01, 2011 · '11 6R80 SIX-Speed Auto trans-equipped '11 Mustangs receive a new six-speed automatic overdrive. Transmission solenoids are one of your automatic transmission’s many critical components. This is done by adding or subtracting a quantity of the shift to the time variable in the function. Usually a bad or failing downshift solenoid will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of an issue that needs to be serviced. 40 sec. 21 from a car that weighs over 3,800 pounds. The 6R80 has been tested to 150,000 equivalent miles in testing cycles that reflect the most extreme-use customer, and the box itself is rated up to P0720 and P0722 may or may not be stored in theOPERATIONDESCRIPTION TIME powertrain control module. 5L GTDI 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (6R80), Four-Wheel Drive (Part Time), Rear-Wheel Drive 6R60, 6R75, 6R80 Sure-Cool® Cooler Flow Control Valve, Superior STL009 Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Most automatic transmission shifting problems are caused by sticky varnish residues that form in old fluid. S bases o 6R60 6R80 ZF6HP19 ZF6HP26 ZF6HP32 Sonnax valve body end plug kit 95740-19k - $39. These are great for conversions into Fox bodies or other previous models, or for upgrading your cooler and/or line sizes. If you are using the paddle shifters just be sure to shift the way you normally would in a manual transmission vehicle. Yes, it can be adjusted. 87, and 0. Cause:loss of oil pressure due to worn components in critical oil circuits. AFE Power 46-70172 - aFe Automatic Transmission Pans Compare Automatic Transmission Pan, Deep, 7. Jan 18, 2009 · The MAF sensor is an expensive part so you'll want to check the voltages on the sensor leads and ground wire to be sure it's defective. Watch the solenoid signal with a scanner and monitor WK pressure. and falls into 4th gear and everything else is normal from that point on. 17, 2. 130409A 2011-2013 F-150, 2. Full time cooler flow with much lower average fluid temperature. The MegaShift™ automatic transmission controller code is full-featured code (see features below) designed for the GPIO board from Bowling and Grippo. When the solenoid fails or has any issues, it can cause problems with the vehicle’s shifting. 0 qt. At this time it will come with just the Engine, Transmission, Engine and Trans Harness. 5L GTDI engines, do not attempt repair at this time. If it doesn't, I will use the Lokar Electronic Sport Shifter. 58 Secure Shopping Performance Automatic's 6R80 Trans-Pan is a super-clean cast-aluminum piece that increases fluid capacity by 3 quarts, and actually adds strength and structural integrity to 6R80 transmissions Nov 03, 2013 · removal and should be installed into the transmission case at this time. 16 6R60/6R75/6R80 Installation Guide Page 2 of 4 6R60/6R75/6R80 Ford Automatic Transmission ISTALLATIO UIDE PRE-INSTALLATION Prior to installation of the replacement transmission, determine the cause(s) of failure of the previous unit. US Shift Quick 6 Transmission Control System. Sonnax 6R60 6R80 ZF6HP19 ZF6HP26 ZF6HP32 transmission valve body zip kit. 34, 1. 1 Hrs. Best time from the weekend was an 8. $39. I am in the early stages of a 6r80 swap on an 02 Lightning here is the mod list before the swap: Manley Rods/pistons bullet cams ported heads posi ported blower, midplate, tb Pacesetter long tubes The purpose of the Shift Solenoid Circuit is for the PCM to monitor the shift solenoids to manage the movement of fluid between various hydraulic circuits and change the transmission gear ratio at the appropriate time. ZF6HP19/26/32 (Gen. The length of the transmission is remarkably short for a 6 speed transmission. Just over 11 quarts I'm running a 6r80 behind my 521 in my 1970 torino. Response: We do have one that people have been using with some clearancing for the shift rails. TransGo Shift Kits include everything you need to address the most common transmission driveability complaints and failures in one box. In Reverse, the valve uses reverse pressure to regulate line pressure into the D1 brake control circuit. It can also be used in conjunction with our Back-Up Light or Neutral Safety Switch Kit (BL-1400U) for most GM transmissions. Erratic shifting. It is excellent for high-performance transmissions. I've been working on this project for about 3 years - and, so I was committed to the 4R70 by the time the 6R80 controllers and adapters hit mainstream. You will need to access the shift tables with a program like HP Tuners and make the downshift adjustment. 3 Blue feed tube. will service this device for a nominal fee. This means a lot of extra tuning goes into an auto. Transmission: Check DTCs SERVICE PROCEDURE And Replace The Molded Leadframe (Do Not Use Replace the molded leadframe on the main control With Any Other Labor assembly. Which an auto, such as the 6R80, the computer has to "think" rather than the driver. Dish TV Permalink Reply by Dish TV Support on August 15, 2014 at 18:29 The purpose of the Shift Solenoid Circuit is for the PCM to monitor the shift solenoids to manage the movement of fluid between various hydraulic circuits and change the transmission gear ratio at the appropriate time. I also noticed there was a TSB for this exact situation, and it seems to just be a shift program update for the 6r80 built before the end of 2012. Installing this kit will restore shift timing and vehicle drivability. 14, 0. Shift time is usually in reference to motor vehicles but can apply to any gearbox. Figure 1 Engraved Number I. I'm using the 1/2 inch converter spacers with the stock 3. 1 left in PBH Coyote Swap 6R80 Shift Lever for AODE 4R70W shifter cable. Replacement billet intermediate shaft, MSR billet foward planetary. Slipping, Erratic Shifting, Harsh Forward or Reverse Gear Engagement: Some of the most common 6R80 transmission problems are slipping between gears, erratic up or down shifts, or a hard slam when the 6R80 transmission engages Drive or Reverse. What does that mean? This is a generic powertrain diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and typically applies to OBD-II vehicles that have an automatic transmission. Feedback From Buyer Date/time nice quality fast shipping a++l*****0( 7) 2017-01-05 23:45:01 Awesome eBayer!m*****8( 150) 2017-01-05 23:03:23 Excellent a*****o( 52) 2017-01-05 11:50:05 very fast shipperk*****y( 191) 2017-01-05 02:30:13 thank your*****o( 103) 2017-01-05 01:10:37 Symptoms:Inconsistent shift Find Lucas Semi-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Sure Shift 10052 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Lucas semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid sure shift is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure. In Normal mode, the calibration focuses on comfort and fuel economy. The only hiccup in the 6R80 swap was the collector on the driver’s side; a problem we anticipated because there currently isn’t a set of headers that fit around a 6R80. 4 million 2011-2013 Ford F-150, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles. The collector needed to be angled slightly to clear the transmission shift-linkage, a small bump in the road but one that you should be aware of. So I didnt notice the transmission issue since it only happens when it is cold. Updates Details: • TransGo Shift Kit includes a new pressure regulator valve, TCC regulator valve and 6 dampeners for valve body. Replacement of all clutches and steels with high performance Exedy stage 2 parts with 40% more friction surface than stock. US SHIFT Quick 6 Standalone Controller - $1249. 25 sec. 2 Hrs. Quantity: 1 Piece. #pbhequipped #coyoteswap #lokar Oct 23, 2014 · I have a turbo 3. Some 2015-2017 F-150 vehicles equipped with a 6R80 transmission may experience an intermittent loss of reverse engagement, loss of the ability to shift into reverse or a neutral state when performing a specific shift pattern during manual shift events with no diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). We can perform that service here at our shop, or if you can find a shop locally that does tuning, they should be able to make those adjustments for you. 6 Jul 2018 US Shift has developed stand-alone electronic control systems with OEM-level many more options, along with increased shift timing and control. 2 to 1. 57, 1. This channel runs alongside their parent: the term "timeshift" does not refer to a network broadcasting at a later time to reflect a local time zone, unless the parent is also available. Transmission control for a 6R80 is about 40 tables worth of stuff to make it work and make the transmission live at the same time It's now a set of tables with a set of variables that create a giant virtual three dimensional table, and it's a royal pain. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > 6R80 6R80 NO ONE‐WAY CLUTCH HYDRAULIC VALVE BODY CHANGES The D2 passage was used as dual feed to help control the apply and release of the D Clutch. Sea Foam’s Trans Tune works fast to reliquefy varnish deposits from valve bodies, solenoids and shift actuators. ACTION 2012-2013 Expedition/Navigator 6R80 Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the Transmission: Check DTCs condition. 0. Capacity Increase, Aluminum, Black, Ford, 6R80, Each Upload your own picture of the Mustang Gen 1 6R80 Swap Control Pack (79-14) Please make sure to hold your device horizontally (like a camera) rather than vertical (like a phone). Imagine it this way, every time you shift a manual transmission, you have to think, disengage a clutch, shift, then reengage that clutch. The automatic with a re-programming kit installed now shifts fast enough to take advantage of inertial energy from rotating mass, including the inertial Retain shift comfort with added durability. Awesome features, measurements, and wiring questions answered. Symptoms: broken parts due to excessive line pressure delayed engagement, excess heat ,firm shifts, flare shifts & bind-ups, harsh engagement. If the system loses Next time we’ll Mar 29, 2019 · We show you the new updated version of the Lokar Electronic Sport Shifter for the 6R80 transmission. Did you know? As the name suggests, shift solenoids are used to control gear engagement and gear shifts. When your vehicle’s computer tells the transmission to shift gears, hydraulic pressure (provided by the fluid) squeezes a series of plates together inside a clutch pack to connect the engine to the transmission output shaft and Part Fitment for -W701894-S446. They are $440 plus shipping. Shift time refers to the time interval between gear changes in a transmission. 6R80 Transmission: Solving a Leak Mystery. Try to stick with the same year as your car for ease, but if you want select shift, you'll need the '13-'14 ECU - Positive Cable DR3Z-14300-G Transmission specific battery cable $150. Time shifting is, as the name suggests, the shifting of a signal in time. 32@161mph with a 1. Revision 03. If the vehicle is equipped with select-shift, the shifter selector pattern will have seven positions for the F150 — P, R, N, D, M, 2, and 1 — and five positions for Mustangs: P, R, N, D, and M. As for when I put my foot into it, seem to respond well and shifts are firm and noticeable but thats fine with me. The result has been a best short time of 1. 2012-2013 Expedition And Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the Navigator 6R80 condition. It has to be the 3. October 24, 2014. 8V at idle (1. Transmission Friction Element E Apply Time Range/Performance. BW4416 Transfer Case: Selectable torque on demand system, 2H-A4WD-4H-4L. Yes, an automatic requires WAY more tuning than a manual. Operations) DEALER CODING PART NUMBER PART NAME CONDITION Included in our 6R80 swap kit for the Supra below: PHR Billet Aluminum 6R80 to 2JZ Bellhousing - $1599. 99 $ 89. Need a P0984, Shift Solenoid “E” Control Circuit Range/Performance on your credit, you'll be able to order a new transmission, get back on the road, then pay for it over time. 1) and Ford 6R60, 6R80 transmissions. The paddle-shift manual on average took about 0. 150,000-mile Maintenance Schedule •Lower cost of ownership •More time on the road •High The 6R80’s gear ratios, span and shift schedule have been optimized for better off-the-line performance and improved fuel economy. Buy Remanufactured Ford 6R80 Transmissions Factory Direct at Street Smart Transmission. Figs 1 and 2 show the results . 69:1. 29 60ft time. 2L 6R80 Transmission 2014, Transmission Pan by aFe®. 4r70w vs 6r80 Bronco Chat. Buy Performance Automatic PA68507 at JEGS: Performance Automatic 6R80 Trans to SBF Engine Adapter. Sport mode does put slightly more stress on some components, but not significantly so. 88. No human can match a machine's consistency and accuracy. 2001 – 2005 Lincoln Navigator Mine shift hard into 1st when slowing down to a stop. Subject: 6R80 Adapter Message: Good Morning, I am curious if you have an adapter available to mate a 205 transfer case to a 6R80 and what the price would be? I have a 1971 Bronco and I am considering this conversion. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), 130409A 2011-2013 Mustang 6R80 2. The KMP Paddleshift system is a high quality pneumatic paddleshift system designed for sequential gearboxes. Product Description US Shift Quick 6 Gen 2 Transmission Control System Whether you are installing a 6R80 behind your Windsor Based or Coyote swapped Fox Body/SN95 Mustang or installing in other custom swap projects such as Coyote powered 1st Gen Broncos or Classic Mustangs, US Shift has your 6R80 Transmission concerns covered with the Quick 6 Transmission Controller. Mar 23, 2016 · Flare Shifts: Typical converter strategy is full apply after the 2-3 shift and no TCC slip during shifts. The MSR billet 6r80 parts are the next step in making your 6r80 able to support over 1000whp! The planetary is a direct replacement of the stock part and will not change any function of the trans or require any additional tuning. Superior STL009 Sure-Cool Cooler Flow Control Valve 6R80 2006-2016. Upgrade your 6R80 or 10R80 Transmission. Iv driven this combo for about 100 miles, at first the shifts are really harsh but once you get some miles on it things really smooth out. Harsh reverse engagement, slippage in reverse or a burned D1 brake can indicate a worn shift valve 3 in vehicles equipped with ZF6HP21/28/34 (Gen. Wes Duenkel. My F-150 was not in the manufacture date range, but it has all the issues that were in the 12c23 recall. Location OE Serviced Valve Body Figure 2 Blue Paint Dot Location Valve Body Identification This Zip Kit ZF6-6R60-ZIP is designed for ZF6HP19, ZF6HP26, ZF6HP32 (Generation 1) and Ford 6R60, 6R75, 6R80 P0720 and P0722 may or may not be stored in theOPERATIONDESCRIPTION TIME powertrain control module. 5 Oct 2015 6r80 shift schedule and shift times. 6r80 shift schedule and shift times Ok I have a 13 gt twin turbo I really need to do some adjustments on the shifting first pass I made had all the shift points set With the new 10 speed coming out, I am curious to know what the shift times are on the 6R80 to compare. Common source vehicles are 2011 and newer Mustang GTs and Ford F150s (equipped with the 5. Ford began using the ZF6HP26 transmission in the 2005 Ford control garage shifting, shift timing, and shift feel. Jun 12, 2017 · This will need to be flashed with your VIN and the solenoid strategies from the label on the side of the 6R80. 0-T6 cast aluminum, this deep transmission pan is very strong and extremely durable. To date, this adapter offers the largest fitting sizes o Nov 19, 2009 · The paddle-shift manual on average took about 0. $1,390. With installed tap  Businesses that operate around the clock rely on shift work to keep rush, then clock out for the afternoon, and then come back in time to work the dinner crowd. com ® permission to use it in future advertisements and promotions. 2) units. This extends fluid life, prevents a wide range of over-temp operating malfunctions and helps the control system provide consistent shift and operation control. And Replace The Molded SERVICE PROCEDURE Leadframe (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor The only hiccup in the 6R80 swap was the collector on the driver’s side; a problem we anticipated because there currently isn’t a set of headers that fit around a 6R80. When i use a calculator linked on the forum here, i get a drastically different rpm @ 65mph than i do using the American Muscle chart. it started with some jolts from 3rd to 4th once in a while. Reducing the time spent on scheduling tasks by 75-80% gives our managers back a week of time every month to focus on other things that make a difference, like quality of care. for the month and a half that I had my car, I wasn't able to do a WOT pull due to traction issues; when I finally got drag radials, I had another problem. Ford F-150 3. 5L / 6. Ok I have a 13 gt to raise it. assembly. Ed Lee. Retain shift comfort with added durability. Shift solenoid SSD provides regulated solenoid pressure from the Oct 23, 2014 · I have a turbo 3. 95740-15K OE accumulator pistons should be flush with the casting. You can also now calculate when using different transmission gear ratios, like in first gear or in overdrive. Reprogramming This kit fits M-shift versions of ZF6HP21/28/34 (Generation 2) valve bodies only. 7 mustang (the red LPF one). Lentech Part #: 7D273-6R80-CLA We use these billet adapter fittings to adapt braided AN lines to the o-ring ports on the 6R80 transmissions. I've seen too many dumbo leadfooters drive around and blow a transmission because of the newly found after-flush-shift-smoothness. local junk yard $600 with converter w/38k; PA68508 transmission adapter plate $523 from Summit; PA68509 Converter Adapter to use the stock 6R80 converter $96 from Summit; US Shift Quick 6 controller $1200 from Late Model Restoration This is an intermittent problem and very dangerous to drive with as vehicle will lose power and transmission can shift to 1st gear at high vehicle speeds. 5: shift sol B ground 6: shift sol A ground 7: EPC solenoid 8: TFT sensor 2009-up tests: shift sol A, pins 1 & 6 20-30 Ohms shift sol B, pins 1 & 5 20-30 Ohms TCC sol, pins 1 & 2 10-16 Ohms EPC sol, pins 1 & 7 2. 50 Order this B&M Black Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission Pan for your 2009-2017 F-150 with a 6R80 Automatic Transmission today from CJ Pony Parts. 6R80 Transmission Ratios: 4. 5 ecoboost. These clutches and steels are designed to throw whatever that Coyote can throw at it. Designed to fit inside VX 6L80/90e, 8L90 and 6R80. The 6R80 has been tested to 150,000 equivalent miles in testing cycles that reflect the most extreme-use customer, and the box itself is rated up to However, tests and seat time in automatic 'Stangs prove Ford's 6R80 auto trans doesn't give up much, except manual shifts--not even on the dyno. Low range: 2. 001 Mustang 6r80 Transmission Pbh Shaft Exedy Clutches. 6 Mercedes Benz Transgo Transmission Shift Kit Dodge NAG1 SPRINTER A MUST $ 109. APPLICATION COVERAGE. 6-2. Valve Body Xpress. 22 May 2017 control unit, which controls all hydraulic functions through the electronic shift solenoids, to control garage shifting, shift timing, and shift feel. Torque Converter Problems – Symptoms, Function & Replacement Cost In Transmission by Magnus Sellén 2 July, 2019 13 Comments If you are into cars, you have probably heard about the torque converter before and the problems associated with it. • 6R60/6R75/6R80 2WD • 6R80 BUILD PARTS LIST • MASTER KIT (CLUTCHES, STEELS, OVERHAUL KIT, FILTER, BONDED PISTONS) • TransGo Shift kit • TransGo Valve kit (Reaming Required) • Oil Distributor sleeve. Circle D Pro-Series Lock-Up Converter - $1500. Upgrade your transmission with this finned aluminum pan and increase fluid capacity, improve fluid cooling and ease future maintenance jobs. my tuner Sai Li and I started to notice some of the shifting was not as we wanted it. This interval is the time in which power delivery is interrupted and engine speed is reduced or increased to synchronize speed for the next selected gear. Guaranteed lowest price! Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! $10 off $299, $20 off $499, $30 off $699, $100 off $1299 Orders TR-2019 – 4R200 Hub for 6R80 installation instructions TR-2013 – Billet Forward Planet for 6R80 Transmission . 6R80 1Lance tech 715 v2. This 6R80 Shift Kit fits 2006-14 Ford vehicles equipped with a GEN1 6R60, 6R75 and 6R80 transmission, as well as 2003-up BMW, Audi, VW, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce Maserati, Hyundai, Kia and Jaguars vehicles equipped with ZF6HP19, ZF6HP26 and ZF6HP32 GEN1 valve body. Misc Product Instructions GPS-50-2 – Dakota Digital GPS module instructions for use with BIM module Lokar Select Shift pinout for Gen 1 Lokar Select Shift pinout for Gen 2 PBH Select Shift Swith pinout for Gen 2 Sport mode is software that controls shift points, clutch engagement, and other variables internal to the transmission. Forward Planetary The stock forward planetary has an inherent design flaw from the factory. Paddle shifting seems to give pretty quick, firm shifts. The NEW STL009 Sure-Cool® Cooler Flow Control Valve. 5 ecoboost converter no problem so far. The Performance Automatic Street/Strip Shift Kit does not require a tune, however you may want to have your tuner adjust the shift pressures to avoid shifts that may be too hard for daily driving comfort with the tune's trans program and the shift kit combined. Solenoids are electro-hydraulic valves. Dec 07, 2019 · Although shift quality is smoother when the transmission fluid is at operating temperature. You can buy new or get used. 17 Sep 2018 It is a very exciting time for the 6R80 transmission. 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd are perfect, the same with 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th gear shifts. This Re: Automatic transmission blanket I scored a used RCI tranny blanket on Ebay yesterday for $42, it should be here in a few days. That may include but is not limited to vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, VW, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Chrysler, etc. 5 bell housing. As the car approaches the RPMs where it would shift into 4th (2500rpms) it flares to like 3200 rpms, and as soon as it let off the throttle. All 6R80 questions answered by experts Your 2011- on Ford with the 6R80 with a one-way clutch now has select-shift capability. Flow Control: How Solenoid Design Influences Clutch Circuits. Replace the stock shifter handle in your 2015-2019 Mustang automatic with this Coyote shifter handle from Barton Industries! Designed to replace your boring factory handle, this shift handle features an engraved Coyote logo to add a custom look to your interior. The oil on the dipstick looked new. Nov 19, 2009 · Witness the shift times of the pair of Evos we used in our test. Ford 6R60/6R75/6R80 units fits all 6R60 Explorer/6R75 Expedition/Navigator/6R80 Mustang/F150 2006-2016 Transmission solenoids are one of your automatic transmission’s many critical components. Capacity Increase, Aluminum, Black, Ford, 6R80, Each Turn off Auto Time Shift mode. 30 Apr 2015 6R80 TRANSMISSION HIGH GEAR ENGAGEMENT TSB 13-4-9 P0722 may or may not be stored in the OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME We've poured hours of R&D time and teamed up with some of the best in the PHR has adapted the popular Lokar 6R80 Shifter to work in both Automatic and 6   We now offer 6R80 Street Smart Systems for nearly any Ford Power Plant made! For the best shift feel and timing of any servo combination, you need  The problem is, mine is having a hard time deciding whether to down shift or not. The practice of recording a broadcast with the intention of watching or listening to it later at a more convenient time  By the time they do act, the issue may morph into something more expensive to fix. The 6R80 has been tested to 150,000 equivalent miles in testing cycles that reflect the most extreme-use customer, and the box itself is rated up to Perform a Road Test — Adaptive Drive Cycle after the Solenoid Body Strategy Data Download. and later Ford 6R80 transmissions used in Mustang GTs and F150 trucks. Then it shifts like normal. Oct 09, 2017 · New 6r80 automatic transmission bump shift floor shifter This shifter acts like a normal floor shifter PRND but adds S/M (sport/manual) push to the right and now you can up or down shift 6r80 transmission TUNING questions (adjusting shift points and firmness) Discussion in ' Transmission & Drivetrain ' started by 18psi , Jan 19, 2017 . Transmission: Check DTCs And Replace The Molded NOTE Leadframe (Do Not Use REPLACEMENT OF SHIFT SOLENOIDS ARE NOT With Any Other Labor REQUIRED FOR THIS PROCEDURE. 2003 – 2004 Ford F150. Section 307-01 Shift Solenoids. Common Problems with the 6R80. P0773 code definition This DTC is the universal OBD-II code for Shift Solenoid E Electrical, indicating a problem with the solenoid valve which responds to signals telling it which gear position to initiate. And 2nd to 3rd is generally a rough shift as well when accelerating in traffic. 1 Black feed tubes. I test drove it when the car had been driven home from the guys work so it was nice and warmed up. January 01, 2013. Only wiring changes are for the select shift buttons (if you chose a 13-14 6r80) your oil sending unit, and grounding out the wiring for your inner cooler pump/heat exchanger fans. This Kit has been proven time and time again in 800-1,000 HP vehicles lasting an entire season. Dec 29, 2013 · So I bought an i35 recently. Page 3 All EXCEPT Ford 6R80: To shift from Park directly to Drive (or Overdrive, depending on the transmission), depress the release button and hold it down while moving the shifter lever, and the shifter lever will stop in the Jul 05, 2017 · I was just hoping some genius may have found a way to cleanly ad the 11/12 TCI shifter (for the 6R80) or even the stock 11/12 GT auto shifter into the 13/14 GT setup and make it work. May 14, 2019 · A 6R80 Delete Kit was installed early last year, and allowed them to tame down the launches and concentrate on consistent and quick 60-foot times. This is due to the debut of the 10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission, new to the Mustang for the 2018 model year. Adapting The 6R80 The 6R80 is a prime candidate for conversions in a multitude of vehicle applications. 1) FORD 6R60, 6R75, 6R80 TIME TESTED • INDST TSTED Zip Kit® ZF6-6R60-ZIP Available for this unit. Exedy Stage 2 6R80 Master Kit is our answer for the daily driven mustang up to 1,000 HP. The guide is a 30-page tutorial on how to install a 6R80 Upgrade your 6R80 or 10R80 Transmission. Enjoy the shift, but don't go around hot-dogging it. Our transmission controllers are compact, packed with features, and have a built-in display for tuning as well as user-friendly software for more in-depth tuning. Ford requires six light throttle up and coastdown shift cycles (after obtaining 80oC/175oF) for a partial relearn. Year Make Model Engine Important vehicle option details; 2017 Ford Expedition 6 Cyl 3. There are a number 6R80 1Lance tech 715 v2. time-shifting definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. 0L V8) More transmissions will be supported in the future, such as the new GM and Ford 10 speed units. Can be used in either clutch D1 or  Paradigm Shift. 6r80 Transmission Control Module Tcm 2009 & Up Ford F150-f-150-mechtronic-save $ 229. Get 6R80 transmission rebuilding tips, 6R80 troubleshooting help, 6R80 technical service bulletins, 6R80 diagnostics and 6R80 technical information from TRNW. Mar 13, 2018 · hi, i have a 2014 Ford F150 2wd, 5. It bucks until the speed or rpms are low enough. In broadcasting, time shifting is the recording of programming to a storage medium to be viewed or listened to after the live broadcasting. June 17, 2019. 98 - Shifter Mar 13, 2018 · hi, i have a 2014 Ford F150 2wd, 5. 2 Green feed tube. I figure   This shifter and kit can control the shift solenoids manually as you move the shift lever. If WK is above zero when it should not be, that shift will feel like a flare as RPM spins up due to converter slip. April 11, 2016 US Shift Electronic Transmission Control Systems let you take charge of your 6R80, 4R70W, E4OD, 4R100, 4L60E, or 4L80E transmission and unlock its true potential. "The time our managers spend on scheduling has been reduced from 15-20 hours per week to 3-4 hours per week with ABILITY | SMARTFORCE Scheduler. 2001 – 2005 Ford Expedition. Drivers hands can stay on the steering wheel, and clutch usage during race is no longer needed due to the clutch-less shift system. Shift Kits are engineered to restore hydraulic integrity with easy-to-install and cost-effective solutions. Solution – Install updated 6R80 transmission pump. It is common Transgo SK 6R80 Shift Kit - 6R60, 6R75, 6R80, ZF6HP19, ZF6HP26, ZF6HP32 (Gen 1) 2003-ON "Felcomp Inc. Universal Paddleshift kit. " assembly. *BUILD TIME COULD BE 2-3 WEEKS. In mid-2010, a manufac-turing change was made eliminating this clunk on models produced after mid-2010. 00. 99  This 6R80 Shift Kit fits 2006-14 Ford vehicles equipped with a GEN1 6R60, 6R75 The kit also includes new rubber dampener inserts that flatten out over time  The 6R is a six-speed automatic transmission for longitudinal engine placement in rear-wheel The 6R80 is featured in 2009 to present Ford F-150 pickups. The automatic with a re-programming kit installed now shifts fast enough to take advantage of inertial energy from rotating mass, including the inertial A timeshift channel is a television channel carrying a time-delayed rebroadcast of its "parent" channel's programming. 6R80 Automatic Transmission • One way clutch added to existing 6R80 for smoother 1-2 and 2-1 shifts and faster downshifts • New advanced control software integrated with the engine software in an integrated powertrain control module for faster response and smarter towhaul & cruise control • Segment exclusive new shift Circle D Pro Series Stage III 265mm Torque Converter - Ford 6R80 Transmission. All 6R80 questions answered by experts Jan 07, 2019 · The 6R80 is a six-speed automatic, and, nearly a decade after its introduction, the transmission was a game-changer in both off-the-showroom floor as well as the swap world. smoother shifts, improved fuel economy, and overall better shift performance. Direct replacement for a proper fit every time Restores the ability to shift out of Extracted about 4 quarts which looked only slightly brown, and added 4 quarts, cycled through the gears, extracted another 4 quarts and added 4 quarts bring it up to the top of the cold hash marks on the dipstick, cycled through the gears for the last time and dipstick still showing good. 6R80 Swap controller! Featuring REVolution Architechture Supports 2011+ Ford 6R80 Transmissions. However, in mid-2010 and earlier models, there is NO known OE or aftermarket remedy. Lokar 6R80 Shifter with Sportshift - $369 Dealer Quality. 48-5. 307-01-9 Automatic Transaxle/Transmission — 6R80 307-01-9 IN-VEHICLE REPAIR (Continued) 2011 Mustang, 2/2011 2011 and up 6R80 2wd 3. Lower Price. These problems c. 00 $1,299. Operations) DEALER CODING PART NUMBER PART NAME CONDITION OPERATIONDESCRIPTION TIME ACTION 130608A 2011-2013 F-150, 2. Fill in your values by double clicking on "number". Verify the 4 rubber feed tubes for the center support are in place. Obviously the new 10 speed will be much quicker but I wonder how much. The pump supplies line pressure to the D1 and D2 regulator and latch valves. (813) 235-0800 Aug 07, 2014 · So im a bit lost when it comes to 6R80 gear ratios in the 2014s. This kit does not fit ZF6HP21, ZF6HP28 or ZF6HP34 with a GEN2 valve body. Typically, this refers to TV programming but can also refer to radio shows via podcasts. period, Baumann Electronic Controls, LLC. My vehicle has the 6r80 faulty transmission with the same type of 6r80 molded lead frame defect problem reported in previous f150 model years. Aug 09, 2016 · After a google search I see p0770 is a shift solenoid malfunction/ torque converter lockup. 6r80 shift time

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